Our story begins in May 1987 on Île d'Orléans' banks while Jacques Giguère and Jacques Gosselin elaborate a plan to open a commercial bakery: Les Pâtes de l'Île was born the next autumn.

At the beginning, four people (including the two owners!) worked in our 2 000 ft² factory located in Quebec's Jean-Talon Commercial Park using a good old rolling pin and about 80 kg of flour per week.

In 1990, since our production volume has already increased a lot, we had to move in a more spacious building and to resign ourselves to let go of our rolling pins; our manufacturing process is modernized.

In 1995, we bought a new facility located in Quebec's Frontenac Industrial Park: we had completely rethought and rebuilt the 12 000 ft² building in order to have the appropriate setting for a continuous manufacturing process.

In 1997, we now hold the François Hubert trade mark that we were making for already 2 years.

In 2011, we joined the Aliments du Québec program.

In 2012, we proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary: we now employ about thirty people, using more than 30 000 kg of flour per week and… still turning over our dough carefully by hand!

Our Commitment…

Simplify your life by offering you easy to use and flavourful quality products.

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